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    24Hrs (30 mins interval) Time Axis. Time Utilisation


      Hi guys,


      Can you please share a light. I've two issues.


      First, I'm trying to create a full 24 hrs time axis, even if there is no record.



      For example I want to show in the axis from 0:00 to 23:59 in 30 mins intervals. The current axis (string) I created based on datetime from the existing records. If there is more than one record within the bracket, I will count it as 1.


      Secondly, as you can see from the Grand Totals, I'm adding up all records by time bracket. Is there a way I can get ta summary %. For example, in the first column under 8:00 am, instead of 1, I will like to have 1/3 (33.33%). Maybe by counting Case Date? The total under 11:30 Am would be 3/3 = 100%.


      This would vary depending the number of dates I choose.


      Thanks in advance!,