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    Exporting dashboard data into excel/csv with filters - Solution

    rao marapatla

      Hi All,


      I have implemented exporting dashboards data into excel in easy way - thought of sharing here .


      Step 1 :


      Create a view (Dashboard data) with data you want to display in dashboard.


      step 2:

      duplicate view  (Dashboard data) as crosstab and name it as "ExporttoExcel"

      Step 3:

      make sure you convert all the measures into Discrete and arrange them in row shell


      Step 4:
      add ExporttoExcel view into dashboard and make sure all the filters are applied to this View.

      step 5:

      resize the view to 1 which will not show anydata it will looks like a small Icon.

      Step 6. while your exporting to server you have to select the view ExporttoExcel - magic works here.


      Step 7. you can download into csv based on your filter selection.


      hope this helps you . feel free to reach me if you have any question.


      attaching screenshot and workbook for references.