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    Dynamic View ( Combining Bar Chart & MAP)

    shiva raj



      I want to create a Dynamic View Chart. that means, i want to show bar chart & map based on selection in parameter options. For that I created


      Parameter -- "Select a Dimension_State"

      Calculated Field -- "Dimension Selected"

      the above 2 are working properly. i created dynamic chart (contains 5 charts) based on above fields & Sales.

      I created another Calculated Field to hide "State" chart from above mentioned dynamic chart.

      So i created a Calculated field( "Dynamic Filter" ). Formula : [Select a Dimension_State]='State'.

      When i drop "Dynamic Filter" to Filter shelf , it is not working. Actually That filter should show 3 options. "Null", "False", "True". But it is showing only "False". So I could not hide "State" Chart.


      I have not understood that where i did mistake. Please help me.


      Thank you.