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    Download only one worksheet from dashboard

    Megha Bhatnagar


      I have a dashboard published on the server that has about 8 sheets. One of the sheets is a map. I want to know if there is a way to only download the map from the dashboard using the download option available in Tableau server. If not Can I create a separate button using some formula to only download one sheet (Map) from the dashboard?

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          Ankit Patel

          When you talk about downloading a map - are you referring to Data behind the Map (Crosstab as CSV) or an image of the map?
          If you are looking to Download Data from the map then you will need to educate the user to click a data point in the Map and then go to Download menu and select Crosstab.


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            James Kording

            Hi Megha,


            This depends on your Tableau Server version you have installed; however, all recent server versions have this capability. 


            1. Select download PDF

            2. Specific sheets from this dashboard

            3. Select your sheet(s) you would like to download

            4. Select your scaling, paper size, and orientation.


            The look may be slightly different on your server version but the steps are the same.  I am not sure the exact version this functionality went live.  I know 10.4 and 2018.1 have this capability.