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    Adding a square or a vertical line in the back of the graph

    Robertino Bonora

      Hey guys i have the next requeriment in my current project. I need to show the information of SLA dates of different stages in a credit like the next image


      The issue is that the x axis is a discrete dimension with strings as values ('Ingreso de Operaciones', 'En Proceso', etc.)


      And in the y axis are the count of registers. I need to add a - like the image - square or a vertical line that can define the limit SLA stage of the credit, the stages are the values in the x axis ('Ingreso de Operaciones', 'En Proceso', etc.), i'm attaching the .twbx document with the example of what i have till now, but is only the lines but nothing in the back,


      I hope i made myself understand. Thanks