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    Virtual Tableau User Group: University at Buffalo's Strategic 2020 Plan (Recording)

    Rachel McGiboney

      Hi all! Here's a recording from our quarterly Virtual Tableau User Group! Last Wednesday, August 15th, University at Buffalo's Brian O'Connor, AVP Data Analytics and Lee Melvin, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management shared how they're using data analytics to support and track to UB's Strategic 2020 Plan. They focused on how UB transformed raw, disparate data into well-informed actionable insights. They also discussed the strong collaboration between enrollment management, resource planning and others now that they're leveraging a common intelligence tool to inform conversations that ultimately drive better strategic decisions.


      Recording: https://tableaulive.webex.com/tableaulive/onstage/playback.php?RCID=bb152844a7d511911ba8d5691d29eddb

      Original Link: Higher Education Virtual Tableau User Group | Tableau Software