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    Custom Chart Label Dates

    Tore Alden

      I am trying to convert the automatically generated fiscal year chart labels to a label the references the years the fiscal year covers (see below, sorry about my poor writing skills in the Snipping Tool). Is there a way to customize those labels?


      Convert Headers Question.JPG

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          suman kumar



          Please go through with it.


          Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.34.14 PM.png




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            Jim Dehner



            Have you tried


            CASE year([Date])

            When 2015 then ' 15/16'

            When 2016 then ' 16/17'

            When 2017 then ' 17/18'

            When 2018 then ' 18/19'

            When 2019 then ' 20/21'





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              Ankit Patel

              Automatically generated as in its a Dimension field with values listed as FY 2015, FY 2016, etc? If so you can give it an Alias and rename it to your choice of desired output.

              1. Right click on the Pill listed in Dimension - select Aliases - a window will open-up allowing to Edit Aliases

              2. Under the Value (Alias) column - enter desired text against each Member.

              3. Click OK and the view will change automatically with updated Alias.


              Sample of Edit Alias below from Superstore - Sub-Category

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                Tore Alden



                Thanks for responding and this looks exactly like what I need. However, I am relatively new to Tableau so when I tried this I changed my YEAR(F1) filter to a context filter and then typed in exactly what you outlined in the formula section of the condition tab of the edit filter selection. When I did that I got an error that said "Reference to an undefined field [Date]. Where am I departing from what you suggested or where should I enter the text you typed above?


                Thanks again for your help.



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                  Tore Alden

                  Here is a more complete picture of what I have set up.


                  Tableau Chart Label Question #2.JPG

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                    Kelly McGrady

                    You need to substitute date with your date field I can see from your picture its F1

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                      Tore Alden



                      Thanks for your response but the dates are not the labels for the tick marks they are the label for the year in which all the tick marks occur. The tick marks in this case are not dates but rather values.


                      Thanks again for trying to help.



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                        Tore Alden

                        OK. I am getting closer. I created a calculation that seems to work partially. In my original post I should have said that the fiscal year runs from September - August so the way your answer is structured Tableau chops up the graph when 2015 ends. I am guessing I need to add more to the CASE portion of the above to include months and then instead of just using the year to delineate which section gets the '15/16' I need to include something like When => 09/2015 and =< 08/2016 then '15/16'. I am going to try that and will mark this answer as correct if it works.