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    LOD Calculation - Fixed Shows Nulls for undefined column

    Saahil Sankhe

      I m trying to create a LOD Fixed Calculation based on 3 dimension, lets say {FIXED x,y,z : MEASURE}. I have 4th dimension on Column Shelf x is in rows shelf and other two are as filters.

      I wanted to get aggregated total sum for rows irrespective of other dimensions.

      I have a dimension called category -> which has A,B,C,D as columns

      Now underlying data i dont have specfic row for Column Value D and row value ting -> which results into 0


      My Question is, it should still give me fixed calculated value for that column right?

      In the below image, all records in the rows should be having same number as its fixed calculation and i have used that column in the calculation.

      Kindly can anyone help me!


      Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 5.55.43 PM.png