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    Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparisons or results in "IF" expression


      Used Tableau for a while, and now, I am dead in tracks on this issue. Tried reading up on this error but it seems that my issue can't be resolved by me reading forums and trying myself, - so I am posting it.


      Overall report consists of two data sources

      1. Daily usage file  - Cloud storage updated daily

           - User

           - Date used

           - Prod ID

      2. Product Usage Goal File - Local Excel file

           - Date

                Month and Year used for blending data

           - Product 1 Goal

           - Product 2 Goal


      Prod 1 Consists of Prod ID = 1 and Prod ID = 3

      Prod 2 Consists of Prod ID = 2 and Prod ID = 3


      To display daily user usage COUNTD([User]) should be used.


      The error ( from subject line) comes from Created calculated field where I am trying to identify Product 1 ( and Product 2) users:

      Attached is the Packaged workbook with extract of the daily data ( huge data set ) and goal file.


      Final report should have a simple display of

      P1 - Monthly Uses

      P1 - Monthly Goal


      P2 - Monthly Uses

      P2 - Monthly Goal


      Total Uses

      Total Goal


      Thank you in advance for any input or full answer.

      Stuck on Aggregation