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    Tableau Desktop versions

    Yuehan Guo



      Does anyone know if this chart can be created under Tableau Desktop 10.3 version? I found this on tableau public, but wasn't able to download it as a workbook since it was created by a newer version.




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          Ankit Patel

          For my purpose - I keep 2 versions of Tableau Desktop on my PC - one version is Corporate version - i.e. lets say 10.5.x which is same for Tableau Server 10.5.x.

          Another version installed on my PC is the latest one from Tableau i.e. 2018.2


          The trick on having Default file open to correct version is to follow series of install steps - the latest install will take over as Default version to open any Tableau files (.twb, .twbx, .tds. .hyper, .tde, etc)



          1. if you already have a version installed i.e. 10.5 - then download and Install the latest 2018.2 version (do not remove the 10.5 version)

          2. now that you have the latest version 2018.2 - download and install your existing version 10.5 (no need to remove the old one - the new 10.5.x will overwrite the old 10.5.x and make it default program to open for above files)


          Now you can download any workbook from Tableau Public and open it 2018.2 or the latest build.


          Creating the chart as per snap-shot - I am sure you can do so in 10.3 - but the above method will help you open the workbook and see how it was built/created - allowing you to create it in your 10.3 version.


          Hope this helps.

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            Yuehan Guo

            but you 'll need to license keys for the 10.5 and 2018.2 version correct?



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              Yuehan Guo

              sorry, I mean TWO license keys....

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                Hari Ankem

                The same license key will work. You do not need 2 license keys.

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                  Ankit Patel

                  No Need to have 2 license key's - same (existing) license key will work for both installs. You can install other versions too but ideally 2 should be good to go.

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