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    Work Week ends in the next month

    Jerry Bratton

      This seems like it would be a common occurrence but I have searched everywhere and I can't seem to find a solution.


      I have records that contain a week ending date like 6/2/2018 which is data from May 27th - June 2nd.


      When I roll this up to a monthly average I would like this week to be included in the May data and not the June data.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Tableau doesn't have a "work week" concept.  Just a calendar concept and a week concept.

          I would create two calcs here.  One to assign a "work month" that fits your business model.  And another to assign a "work week" number (1-through-4 (or 5) ) so that you can deal with these in your reports as a dimensional field.


          (Just curious.  Could a work week also look forward.  For instance if the first day of the week in a particular month is the 31st of the month, could that week be considered to fall in the following month?)

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            Jerry Bratton

            I have already applied a work week number. I guess I just need to assign a month as well. I was hoping there was a calculation for this instance.


            I hadn't considered the look forward idea. Logically it should be added to the next month. This does create anomalies.


            Thanks for your reply.