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    High Thread Usage After Server Install?

    Jackie Kokx

      We just installed Tableau Server 2018.2 on a VM with CentOS7 (I realize this OS is not yet supported by Tableau) and we seem to be using a high number of threads (average 3700) when no one is even using Tableau yet. Is this normal?

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          Jeff Strauss

          Yes.  I think so.  I'm not familiar with specifically Centos7, however I do know that when Tableau Server is up and running, there are many associated sub-processes (i.e. vizql, dataserver), that pre-allocate threads which sit in an idle status until work is requested.


          Example, when I look at a snapshot of task manager on one of my dev boxes, here is what's shown.  There's not much going on, but there's a lot of idle threads which is normal.


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