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    Distinct URL Actions for Each Column/Field in a Dashboard View

    Philippa Lehar

      I have a data set that looks like this:


      Route Stop 1

      Route Stop 2

      Route Stop 3

      Route Stop 4



      Joe Gray

      Brian Red, Steve Orange

      Denise Pink


      Kate Black

      Kate Black


      Sandy Brown, Jason Yellow



      Jane Green, Bob Purple, Steve Orange

      Jacob White



      Pete Blue

      Pete Blue




      I have created a dashboard view similar to the data source table to display how the routing rules are currently set up for each unit.

      I would like to use Dashboard Actions to create a URL action unique to each column of the above table. For example, clicking in the Route Stop 1 cell for Unit A, B, C, or D  would take the user to a URL for Route Stop 1. Clicking in the Route Stop 2 cell for Unit A, B, C, or D would take the user to a different URL for Route Stop 2. And so forth.


      I have managed to create multiple URL actions for the overall data set that allows me to list a different URL for each route stop, BUT this results in a list of actions/URLs that is the same for every cell instead of a distinct action per column.


      Is there a way to selectively display ONLY the URL pertinent to each stop via Dashboard or Worksheet actions? For example, could I create a calculated field to display the various URLs and have only the applicable URL show upon select in Tableau Server?