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    Trying to understand the use of hyper-threading

    Toby Erkson

      Core-based licensing is based on the number of cores used.  Hyper-threading does not count, thus if one has 2 cores and both are hyper-threaded it's kinda like there's 4 cores on the machine.  This is my understanding so correct me if I'm wrong.  So, hypothetically, one would only require a 2 core license run run TS (Tableau Server) but would be getting 4 cores worth of performance.  Right?


      Now given the above premise, suppose we are in a VM (virtual machine) environment.  If one has a 4 core license would TS be able to run on a 2 core VM that was hyper-threaded, thus appearing to have 4 cores?  Would the performance be the same or better?  Or worse?


      Taking the same 4 core license, would it be recommended to use the 4 cores and also hyper-thread them, thus giving the appearance of 8 cores?