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    Bar graph question

    Adam Payne

      Hi Everyone,


      I know I must be missing something simple, but need your help to figure out what it is


      I am trying to do a simple bar graph showing how many donations we received to a certain campaign vs a donor RFM score. The RFM score is a number 1-15. The RFM score field has 3 nested calculations:


      [Recency Score]+[Frequency Score]+[Monetary Score]


      The count of donors who have given to the campaign is pretty simple:


      countd(IF [Campaign ID]='7011J0000004FKmQAM' OR

      [Campaign ID]='7011J0000004FKrQAM' OR

      [Campaign ID]='7011J0000004FKwQAM' OR

      [Campaign ID]='7011J0000004FL1QAM' OR

      [Campaign ID]='7011J0000004FL6QAM' OR

      [Campaign ID]='7011J0000004FLBQA2' OR

      [Campaign ID]='7011J0000004FLGQA2'

      Then [Donation ID]

      Else NULL



      The total number of campaign donors is correct but it's being plotted as a single bar as shown in the screenshot. What I want is for Tableau to plot the number of donations per possible RFM score. So, I know it must be simple, I just don't know what to do