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    LOD Calculation to Ignore Page-Level Filter But not Visual-Level


      Hi. I've got several years of monthly sales data, and I need a table showing This Year's Sales and Last Year's Sales (in rows) by Month (in columns). I know it's not a great visualization but it's what the client wants.


      I've attached what I have, but the problem is with getting Last Year's Sales. I've got a page-level filter to look only at 2018 sales, so that This Year's Sales display correctly, and then I've tried a bunch of EXCLUDE and FIXED field calcs to get Last Year's Sales. The problem is that Period (the date measure) is being used both as a page-level filter and as the column filter; for this to work, I need the calculation to ignore the page-level filter but continue to apply the column filter. Is this possible?


      Before you ask: the attached file is a simplified version of the intended final viz, which will include several other rows of data for the current year only; this is why I'd like to avoid using calculated fields for the This Year rows if possible.


      This image is how it should appear (using sales data through June 2018):



      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!