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    How to remove True/False ?

    Ankit Patel

      I want to keep only 3 labels (MonthName, ContainsAngebot, and Vscan). I have used Contains function. How can I remove labels with Falsch ( false)?


      Screenshot (3).png

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          Naveen B

          Hi Ankit,


          Click on tooltip --> remove the content which you don't need



          So that whatever the text you put in tooltip it will show there


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            meenu choudhary

            Hi Ankit,


            You can click on Tooltip it will open an Edit Tooltip box. In that box you ca just remove the lines that you don't want.


            For example, in the below image i don't want Profit and sales. so you just and to remove those lines.





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              Ankit Patel

              Hi Meenu,


              I tried to change the tooltip. But I need to customize it. For example if I hover over the yellow It should say it is Campain X and Total leads are X. And Hover over to Blue it should say Campain Y with Leads Y. Changing in tooltip shows everywhere the same value. 

              I need to show, the names of the campaigns.  I tried Annonate > Mark to label each color (Campaign), but it is not a good practice. Is there any Logic for it? Can I say if the color is Blue then Label Y campaign?

              Here is the image:

              Screenshot (4)_LI.jpg


              Thanks .