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    Ratio of one answer vs another

    Eugene Dagher

      Hi, I'm a noob, and I'm trying to create a chart, but am struggling.


      I have a 'response' field in my data set that has many responses, some of which are 'yes', some are 'no', and some are other responses that i'm not interested in. I want to create a chart that shows me the ration of yes/no out of 100%.



      32 yes's

      13 no's

      58 other responses e.g. 'blah', 'blee', 'blo'


      I'm trying to create a bar chart that has 28% no, and 72% yes, i.e. 28% of all yes/no answers was no, etc.


      Could anyone help me generate some calculated field and explain where to put them?


      Many thanks.