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    Tableau License Question (Creator/Online)

    Jennifer VonHagel



      I recently renewed my Tableau license, and went from a Desktop Professional license to a Creator license. This is cool because it gives me the chance to work with/better learn Tableau Online, even though it's only me - I have no "viewer" seats.


      My question is this: If someone else (say a client - I'm a freelance Tableau developer) has a Creator license of their own, can I set them up on my Tableau Online site as a user? Or can my Tableau Online site only allow users with licenses that are specific to my site?




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          Okechukwu Ossai

          Hi Jennifer,


          I also plan to get the Tableau Creator license. My feeling is that you may have to purchase either Tableau Viewer or Tableau Explorer licenses, depending on the desired level of access, for every client you want to set up on your Tableau server/online site.


          Hopefully someone from Tableau's sales team can clarify.



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            Peter Fakan

            Hi Jennifer,


            I'm not Tableau sales, but I don't think so no. Technically the second user is a second license on your server, even though they may be separately licensed elsewhere.





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              Jennifer VonHagel

              Thanks for your responses, Ossai and Peter.


              I'll be interested to hear a definitive answer. I don't have a situation where I would host client reports in an ongoing way, but it would be handy while I am developing reports and working in iterations to be able to give them a link to my site so they can review what has been done.  There's just no way at all my new fledgling business can at this time afford to buy a block of 100 viewer seats.


              But for the particular situation that prompted this question:  It turns out my client has Tableau Server and they can give me a seat to publish there.




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                Don Wise

                Hi Jennifer,


                On your last response, that has been my approach with my clients is for them to issue me a license that I can log in with for developing out workbooks on their behalf. 


                But I agree, for freelance consultants and fledgling businesses, it's not affordable to purchase blocks of 100 seats at a time when really all I need is one to five that can be used as needed for development purposes.


                Hopefully we can get an answer on this one! Thx, Don