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    Find Last 6 months dates for MTD Sales (from March Every Month 1st-19th)

    shiva raj



      I want to Compare Half Year (Last 6 Months) MTD sales. I create a field named "Last 6 months MTD sales" & wrote a formula. It is almost correct. But for previous dates it is showing as "Null". I need only particular dates which should be between March-August only (that too every month 1st--19th dates only).


      Formula:  Here Today() ---> 19-Aug-2018


      IF DATEPART('month',[order date])>=3 and

      DATEPART('month',[order date])<=DATEPART('month',TODAY())and

      DATEPART('year',[order date])=2018 and

      (int(DATEPART('day',[order date]))>=1 and

      DATEPART('day',[order date])<=DATEPART('day',TODAY())) then [order date] END


      Note: Sorry for my bad english. Please don't mind.