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    Find First value through the row and use it

    Mila T

      Hello folks,


      I have been trying with FIRST() function to resolve my problem but obviously it works only for the first Week (first column) that I take in consideration.

      So, my goal here is to find first 1 in every single row and take it as value. All the rest values at that row, after this 1, should have 0 as value.

      As I said, my FIRST() calculation doesn't work so I guess I need another approach to this. Picture below - FIRST() works fine for the first column, but for the second, third, etc. column (week 2) it doesn't work.


      And just once again - Need to go through the RAW on a weekly basis!

      I hope that you understand me

      Attached is the workbook.


      Thank you in advance!