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    KPI Dashboard


      Hi All,


      I have to create a KPI dashboard with current values Vs Average Values for multiple measures as attached in workbook. My data is not Pre aggregated and would like to show a trend and Current Vs Average.




      I can build any KPI dashboard but liked two ideas :

      1.  I have attached a screenshot and I am looking for similar KPI dashboard for me but I am not able to do them in single work sheet. i.e. I am thinking of creating variance and trends for each measure in different sheets and then bring all the sheets in one dashboard. But I know we can get all the trends for measures in one sheet, variance across different measures  in one sheet and current values in one sheet. I am not getting this .

      2. I also like scorecard like below but looks like this needs pre aggregated values . I am calculating all the averages in Tableau and I am not able to show Current vs Average in the same sheet like they have shown in below dashboard.

      for example 72.4% vs 79% (I am not able to show this in single worksheet )

      https://www.doingdata.org/blog/how-to-create-a-kpi-scorecard-in-tableau http://www.datavizdoneright.com/2017/03/metro-scorecard.html?m=1



      I am okay with any visual to view the KPI's.  I am stuck with both these above methodologies.

      Can somebody help me with these KPI dashboard?