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    LOD calculation to change with dates




      I have a requirement to find out Average calls/frequent caller. The frequent caller is defined by parameter. So, i have a parameter which have integer value and when the user types in 2 then the count of people who have called twice within the date range will pop up, similarly if he types 3 then the counts of people who has called thrice will pop up.

      caN anyone help me on this as how to proceed

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          Simon Runc

          hi Shaheen,


          There are a few ways we could do this. I'll go with a FIXED LoD as that is what you've requested.


          We can create the following filter

          [Show Customers with N Orders]

          {FIXED [Customer Name]: COUNTD([Order ID])} = [Parameters].[Show Customers with N Orders]


          this will return customers who have ordered N times. Now as we're using a FIXED LoD it is computed before any regular filter is applied, so in order to get this to be responsive to any other filters (such as a date range), we need to make that filter a "context" filter. This has the affect of bumping that filter up the calculation pipeline, so it gets applied before the LoD is computed.


          Hope that helps

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            I did exactly the same LOD calculation but it was not working and the reason because i didn't aaded Date as context filter. Thank a lot for explaining the context filter value here, i believe that every filter i apply to this calculation should be in context. Thank you so much