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    Create workbooks automatically with Python

    Aaron Wiegel

      I know there is an SDK for creating and publishing data sources to a Tableau server, but is there a package that allows for automatically generating workbooks from those data sources? For example, I have a three dashboards in a workbook, which are themselves made up of 8 visualizations each. They are all filtered in a similar way with similar tool tips and color schemes, but if I need to change one thing about the dashboards, it involves a lot of tedious and error-prone pointing and clicking. Writing a for loop in something like Python would be way easier (and less error-prone), so I was wondering if there was a package with an API out there (similar to something like xlsxwriter for Excel workbooks) that allows for automatic generation of workbooks. I could just bite the bullet and modify the XML directly but this feels like something that's an already-solved problem (I hope).


      (I also wish I could provide a workbook as an example, but the information is proprietary.)