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    Ignoring some values?

    Adam Payne

      Hi everyone, I'm having an issue where the dataset's calculated values are correct but the viz is only showing some of the values. In the screenshot, you can see the fields "Goals Excl Recurring" and "Goals Recurring Only". They are calculated fields and calculated on the Gift Type and Gift Type. If the type is recurring gift, it's Goals Recurring Only. If not, it's Goals Excl Recurring. Pretty simple.


      So then why is the Goals Recurring Only not populating in the bar chart for September or November? The values are correct in the calculated field so I assume there is some type of calculation or filter setting that I'm not doing right.


      Unfortunately I can't upload a packaged workbook because the data is combined between a small excel sheet and our SF database so it would be close to 500mb :/


      Any help or ideas as to what the issue could be would be greatly appreciated!