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    Tableau 10.5 server data source error

    Gilbert Vera

      Hello today got a email from a user stating they had a error and sent me this error.


      now when I went into the dashboard and loaded it , I didn't experience any sort of issue.


      the user has IE. I tried IE, Chrome no issue.


      Has anyone come across this error before ?


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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Gilbert,


          May be they have a problem to access the data-source .


          Do they  have permission to use/view the data source.  Check the workbook data source permissions.


          If those are fine then check at the data source level i.e. if connecting to a database make sure they have permission at the database level to do so.




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            Gilbert Vera

            Permissions are fine on both the workbook and data source.

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              Mark Wu

              It you are able to view the dashboard w/o any issue while other user got the 'Unable to connect to the data source' error. It is a permission issue. Likely the workbook uses a published data source and the user did not have permission to the published data sources. Read  Error "Unable to connect to the data source" When Accessing Published Workbooks | Tableau Software


              At least two ways to fix it:

              • One is to grant Connect permission as what is recommended by the above KT document from Tableau. However I feel that this approach can be excess access since anyone who has Connect permission to the published data source can actually connect to the data source from Desktop directly, then if you have data source filer as row level security, the Connect permission is a back-door to bypass the row level security. The better permission is as followings:
              • Two: When publish workbook using published data source, make sure select 'Embedded password' for Authentication and do not need to give any permission for the published data source. The ‘Embedded password’ allows workbook ‘interactors’ to access the published data sources it connects to.This approach has less permission work as well.

              Why you are not getting any error? You could be a site or server admin who has permission to the published data sources

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                Tony Chan

                We had some similar errors in 10.5 and was fixed by Marks suggestions above.


                Also one of our datasources was using ISMEMBEROF(group) for row and column security.  If your datasource is using this, I would suggest testing with a user in the group and also another user not in the group.


                Regards, Tony