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    Total turnover with Fixed formula and filter on period

    Tessa Vandendriessche



      I have a file in which I'm following a certain flow by using action filters.

      I start by selecting a business line, then a subbusiness line and finally an article type.

      The last chart shows a detail per customer with its turnover for that particular article type for this year and the year before. There's also a filter which allows to filter a certain period (per month).


      However, in this list I'd also like to add the total turnover of this customer for the same selected period.

      I tried using the formula: { FIXED [customer_code]: sum([YTD turnover]) }


      However, if I do so, then I get the total turnover for the complete year, not taking into account the selected period.

      When trying to add the months to the formula: { FIXED [customer_code],[Order date per month]: sum([YTD turnover]) }, then I only get the total turnover for the months in which there was sales for the selected article type.

      F.e. if product A was only sold in January and March, then I only get total turnover for those months.


      Anybody any idea how to resolve this?


      Thank you in advance.