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    Filtering Tooltip Visuals Between Sheets

    Lantz McGinnis-Brown

      Hello all,


      I am building a visual that provides viewers with a map of my state, broken out by county, and a dropdown list of filter categories (from a pivoted list of columns), such as "Average Median Age", and "Median Individual Earnings" that they can click on to change how the counties are colored. That part was easy.


      I also added a visual tooltip that is supposed to be filtered by that same dropdown list, to show how the chosen category has changed over an 8 year period for that county. So, for example, if I select the "Median Individual Earnings" filter, I should be able to immediately see how one county compares to the rest through color, but I should also be able to see in the tooltip visual how that county's Median Individual Earnings have changed since 2010.


      I can make this work in Tableau Desktop by simple applying the map filter to the tooltip sheet through the "Apply to selected worksheets" option. The problem is that when I publish to either Tableau Public or Tableau Online, the filter no longer works on the tooltip visual, only on the map. So, since the map is defaulted to Median Age, I can change the filter to Median Individual Earnings and the county colors will change, but the 8 year tooltip for each county will still be stuck on Median Age. Do Tableau Public and Tableau Online just not come with that functionality? I've never had any issues with cross-sheet filters with either of them before... This problem doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. Can anyone help?


      Thank you.