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    Is there a way to make motion chart trail show the numbers and resizing the y axis

    sahil k

      So, i have the motion chart, but I would like to know if there is a way we could make motion chart keep numbers on the plot on its trail as its moving and how. It shows number when it is moving but it doesn't keep them there, only for the last one it shows. You have to hoover over it to see what it was. It would be nice if there is a way to keep the numbers as well as it goes.

      Also, is there a way i could adjust the size between the months? When i place this on to the dashboard and show entire view it hides some months like july. But its plotting value for it. Just at the bottom axis its skipping months when placed on dashboard. I tried to resize by changing the text size, that doesnt help much. Is there a way i could change the length between months in the axis so that the hidden month could be shown in dashboard. Also, i dont think i could use alias for months here. It wont show me an option for it, otherwise i was planning to change the bigger month by using the abbreviation.