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    Syncing page control on a Dashboard for Worksheets using different data sources

    Youko Watari

      Hello Experts

      I have 3 worksheets - 2 of them use the same data source and another one using a different data source.  Both data sources have time dimension, and I've created a new dimension of "HOUR" (date part) for both data sources on which there's a relationship. 


      What I want to do is to add a page control on a dashboard so that I can control all 3 worksheets based on the HOUR. I can sync up the worksheets using a filter on HOUR, but what I want to do is to use the "play" button of page control so all 3 worksheets would be animated based on the HOUR dimension.  I can get to sync up 2 of the Worksheets that use the same data source on the Dashboards, but not the 3rd one.  I felt that now that Tableau supports filtering across data source, it should also support page control as well. 


      Is this something that's not yet supported?  Or is there a trick that I am missing?  If anyone also have a workaround, etc. I'd appreciate it.