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    Help with Rate Calculation

    Jyothi Hegde

      Hello everyone,


      I have 2 calculated fields, total_count and Rate(Yes_count / Total_count * 100). I would like to display the total_count and the rate in the report but it's not working. The below image shows the total count. It gives multiple rows of data when I add rate.





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          Jim Dehner


          I would have to see the data but your "Total Count" is in the data - so each record has a value for the dimension


          if you want the total of "Total Count" suggest you use an LOD      {fixed: sum([total count])} - it will give you the total count of all the records in the dataset


          you may need to play with the formula if you want the total by ssome other dimension like date



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            Jyothi Hegde

            Thanks Jim. But I am looking for help with the Rate calculation based on Total_count and Yes_count (already calculated). I have the formula but not able to display it next to the Total_count.