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    Select Month Using a Parameter, changes the Display Month on 17th Day of any selected month

    Khushboo D

      Hi All,


      I am seeing a issue in display of calendar done using Parameter. I have created a Parameter "Lastoccurence Parameter" in which I have done configurations to select a particular date of a month with step size of 1 Month.

      So when we select any date of a particular month, it has to show the 1st of that month.


      But there a issue I am facing, till 16th of the day the display of calendar works fine, but when we select 17th of any month it display 1st of next month.


      Can anyone please help me with this.


      Attaching the screenshot of the setting done in parameter.

      1) parameter_settings

      2) 16th day of month - display 1st day of month (correctly)

      3) 17th day of month - displays 1st day of next month (wrongly displayed)


      Attaching the sample workbook with dummy data.