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    Data-Driven Alerts for a Specific Entity

    John D

      I know how to create an alert that's triggered when a threshold is met.


      My question pertains to creating alerts for a specific entity of a subset of items.


      For example,

      I want to create an alert that gets triggered if a specific employee, John Doe doesn’t work 40 hours in one week. I would want that alert email to tell me that specifically the employee, John Doe, did not work 40 hours.


      Currently, I am only able to create an alert that gets triggered if ANY employee doesn’t work 40 hours and the alert email doesn’t specify which employee.


      Basically, a separate alert email is sent to the admin for each employee who does work 40 hours in one week.




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          chris monger

          Does this need to be an alert that is triggered at a certain time, or would it work as a subscription?


          You could set it up as a view which is either a user specific view automatically linked to a user or create separate views for each admin, then have this set up as a subscription at the end of the week with rules to not send if it is empty.

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            Ritesh Bisht

            Hi John D,


            That feature is not available (as far as I know )


            Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 8.49.04 PM.png


            Even in our company we deal with such scenarios with the help of scripting / workflow since the feature is limited.

            For example we do send an email directly to the users who are exceeding the maximum numbers  of sessions individually .

            Option 1

            We have an Oracle DB hence we write an SQL script(check & email ) to perform the same and schedule the script to check on a regular basis.


            Option 2

            Sometime we also create an ORACLE VIEW and give access to the users so that they check themselves


            ORACLE VIEW will be refreshed periodically as needed


            There may some options at Tableau Admin backend level but  not sure if they(admin team) are going to entertain the same.

            But the idea is good to have this at Tableau level.


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              John D

              Hi Chris,


              Thanks for replying to my question. Three thoughts:


              1. In hindsight I gave a bad example because my situation can't really wait a week to return results/alerts. My data is based of some calculations that return a percentage.


              2. Ideally, I would want to an alert anytime when that percentage hits the alert threshold. But to simplify things, a daily alert would work too. Say 8am everyday.


              3. Unfortunately, my data set is too large to have individual Views.

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                Paulo Dantas

                Hi John,


                using just alert isn´t possible.


                Try the workaround above.



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                  chris monger

                  Hi John,


                  On point three, how large would the amount of employees be per user? Could you display all potential employees for an admin on a daily subscription at 8am for example?

                  If so, you wouldn't need to create individual views, but could do it with user specific views, so for example bring in the admin user name as a field against each employee, then set a filter for USERNAME() = [user name], that way the employee will only see the specific user for them, so will only get the subscription if one of their employees appears.