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    Same weekday prior year sales comparison

    Ashes Limbu

      hello experts,


      I have a question which is bothering me for few weeks by now.

      Can anyone shed some light on how to compare sales on weekday basis.


      I am trying to compare same weekday sales from prior year and also % difference. (It's a day level comparison)

      Let me explain what I mean by that:


      I want to compare sales between


      "1st Jan 2018 (Monday)" vs "2nd Jan 2017 (Monday) "  because they are the first monday of that month

                         and similarly

      "2nd Jan 2018 (Tuesday)" vs "3rd Jan 2017 (Tuesday) " and so on


      Also if user gets to choose date range from day level to week or month level will be an added bonus.


      Below is the screenshot of report i have prepared using calculations but it has limitations

      I want know if there is any better way to achieve this.


      Feel free to use superstore sample data as the logic will hold same there as well.


      Same weekday prior year comparison.JPG



      Ashes L.