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    Grouping the columns

    Nino  Chikovani

      Good day everyone,


      I have a problem with grouping the columns of the diagram. e.g. I want to group 5 columns of the diagram, I had the case when three of them were grouped but two of them were excluded. I do not know why it happens, I am new at using Tableau. Could you please tell me what can be the reason of this problem and how it can be solved.


      Thank you in advance,





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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Nino,


          Please could you attach a sample workbook? Did you use the grouping functionality in Tableau? You can right click on this group field in your data pane and edit the group:


          You can select items in that dimensions and add it to a group:







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            Nino  Chikovani

            Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I cannot attach the sample workbook but I did grouping also with the way you have suggested but it does not work. The hint may be the fact that I did grouping very well until I transformed some dimension filters into the context one. After I transformed them into context filter some items were not included in the group. I do not know how can I solve this problem. If I do not use the context filter I will get the incorrect results.


            Thank you ,



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              meenu choudhary

              HI Nino,


              Context filter creates  a temporary table,therefore limiting the number of records available to all other quick filters.


              SO when you are using context, the possibility is, it is filtering out the "group members".


              My question is why are you using context filter?? As it's used mainly to improve performance.


              context filter

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                Nino  Chikovani

                Thank you for your response Meenu. I am using it because I am also using the Fixed Level of Detail Expressions and when I used the dimension filter instead of context filter, I got the incorrect results as Fixed Level of Detail Expressions are taken into account by tableau first and than dimension filters. When I used only dimension filter it grouped the data easily, but when I transformed the dimension filter into context one it did not group the data and some of them were left outside the group. So, I do not know how unify some columns into one with using the context filter.


                Thank you,



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                  Okechukwu Ossai

                  Hi Nino, you may be able to remove the filters from context if you can add those dimensions to your LOD. It's challenging to suggest a specific solution without seeing sample dummy data.