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    Claudia Martinez



      Question: How can i do a relationshio in Tableau.

      I want to relationship the filter Created MM/YY with the table name RFS From Dec 2017 (2).


      Thanks for all.


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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Claudia,


          You need to update the relationship between your data sources.

          First, I can see that in your JOIN dataset you have the Created MMYY field. You'll need to make the same field in the same format in your data source sc_req_item (as your RFS from Dec 2017 uses this data source). Right click on the data field from sc_req_item  and create a month/year custom date field.


          Now, in a worksheet, edit the relationship between the data sources Join and sc_req_item :




          Add in a new relationship:






          Select the two MM YY fields and click ok.



          Now go back to your dashboard, and you should be able to check on the worksheet






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            Claudia Martinez

            Thanks Malvi for you Support.


            Could you help me with this is the same case but i have a problem when try to do with quarters.


            I dont Know what happened.




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              Mavis Liu

              Hi Claudia,


              This is the same process as above but with quarters.


              You need to find your date field from sc_req_item data source and create a custom date based on date value quarters.


              Then using edit relationships, add your quarters to the relationship.