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    Hide Data Source Errors on Tableau Server

    Kevin Meyer

      Version: Tableau Server 10.5.4

      Ease of reproducing: Very easy - create a workbook using a database, publish work book to server, rename a column, validate error displays in Tableau Server

      Issue: We recently underwent an aggressive security scan and penetration test and one of the findings was that Tableau will spit out information about the database (or data source) if there is an issue with the data source such as missing columns or the database is offline. I am looking for how we can capture or at the least mask these errors from being displayed on Tableau server. The screenshot attached is from the actual penetration test with column names blacked out. I have spent more time than I should admit to scanning the forums and google at large looking for an answer so any help would be appreciated, especially from someone with experience of using Tableau in extranet configuration.

      Screen capture:


      Desired Outcome(s): Confirmation that there is no funcationality or configuratino native to Tableau Server 10.5.4 that will mask these errors or guidance on enabling a configuration or Tableau approved custom code that will hide or replace the error message with a user and security friendly message.


      Thank you for any help and I apologize if I have categorized this wrong. My assumption was this is a data source and security issue that can be fixed with a configuration change.