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    Gallery of Queens - Miss Universe Dashboard


      Hi guys,

      Have you seen this dashboard? Gallery of Queens - Miss Universe Dashboard | Tableau Public


      If you put the X-Axis to Rows and Y-Axis to Columns, then Titleholder to detail, you'll be able to have the picture of the Miss Universe for that year.

      Can you please explain how did that happen?


      Example: AVG: X-Axis - 52 and Y-Axis - 52, then you'll have Armi Kuusela's photo.


      Thank you.

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          Andrew Bickert

          Hi Joy,


          You can do this by setting up Background Images in the Map section. Go to Map>Background Images> dataset.


          You will then get to a screen like this which shows all the Image Names and the Required Fields Mapped to each area.

          There is then a calculation for each axis type (X-axis 00 to 99 and Y). This is important because you wouldn't want the images to overlap one another.
          If you go into the Background Images section, you can choose the options where the Titleholder filter is applied:


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