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    Create a simple decision chart?


      Hi All,


      I've seen a few posts regarding decision trees but they all seem a bit more complex looking than what I was hoping for. Essentially I have selections and data like below:


      Account Size $

      - less than 200k

      - 200k - 500k

      - 500k - 1M

      - 1M or more


      Is there an Additional Clause?

      - Yes

      - No


      If Yes above, then reach out to XX person and XY person for approval. If No above, no approval needed.


      Is there a Discount being applied?

      - Yes

      - No


      What is the Discount %?

      - 10% more than Target

      - 8% more than Target

      - 5% more than Target

      - Target


      If 10% more than Target selected, get approval from XX and XY person

      If 8% get approval from XYZ person

      If 5% get approval from AB person

      If Target no approval needed.



      Does anyone have a template or know how I could set something like this up? I don't have an excel file created yet for it either to connect in Tableau, not quite sure what the best way to set data like this up would be. Essentially this would be a way for the company to understand what needs to occur and what approvals are needed for each action.