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    Multiple KPI's...One Dimension...Multiple Measures

    Doug Crow

      So here's the scenario.  I'm trying to develop a dashboard to measure multiple aspects of labor utilization.  (Should vs planned hours, Productivity vs Expected, Utilization rates, etc.)  All of these are by 3 different labor types (all with different labor expectations). 


      I started out by creating the parameters to load all of the various labor planning assumptions.  I then created a calculation to connect all of the parameters into one measure.  (If Labor Type = "AWF" THEN AWF Hours, ELSEIF Labor Type ="Temp" THEN Temp Hours, etc.)


      Then I moved all the various measured into a worksheet as Text.  It created a nice and tidy table with all of the planned and actual labor assumptions by the three different labor categories as columns.


      Now for my issue...


      I want to create a KPI that I can use as circle and color code to present a visual "KPI" for each of the measures.  However, the calculation keeps applying for the entire labor type, for all measures.  How can I create a calculation that looks at everything independently so it will give me a green/red indicator for each measure?  Additionally, there are some measures that won't have a KPI because its a planning assumption.  I want this circle to be white so it doesn't show up.


      I have attached a packaged workbook for your reference.


      Any help is much appreciated!!


      Doug Crow