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    Chart: Go to current date on the chart, highlight current date, separate weeks on a chart with lines


      Hi Everyone, 

      I need your help with a Tableau chart.


      I prepared a chart of people assignment per projects/activities.

      The time period will be calendar year, so it will not fit on screen without scrollbars .


      I need to:

      1) Make a button which if pressed will scroll to current date on a chart (if this date is not visible due to lots of dates on a chart)

      2) Mark the current date with a fill (fill in the current date with color or at least highlight it somehow)

      3) Mark an end of each week with a bold line (for example Sunday, 12 August is the last day of the week, so the bold line should be drawn between 12th and 13th of August, and each Sunday should be divided with a bold line)




      Any ideas?