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    Multiple values in one dimension

    Ivan Muccini

      Hello everyone, I am new to Tableau and have been stuck on a problem for a while. I need to display different requests made by customers in a bar graph, to see which feature is more in demand. Problem is multiple requests have been listed in the same cell under “Request” column for each customer, separated by a comma. I do not think pivot is a good solution since I need to be able to filter the requests based on other criteria like the size of the company, country the company is in, what kind of customer it is, etc. Also will need to calculate the percentage of customers who made the request. So I will not be able to duplicate the rows for each request. I have attached the workbook. Please help me out. Also, there are many more columns that have been omitted.


      Here is what I have done until now. There is a column “Request” which lists all the features the customer is interested in. There are only 4 options to be selected. If the customer is interested in multiple features then all features are listed with a comma (for eg, “Request1, Request3, Request4”, in no particular order). I check for a substring (“Request1”) in the original column. If request1 was made then I enter value “Request1” for that customer under Request1 column. Similarly, I have made columns for Request2, Request3, and Request4. I would want to make a graph using these 4 new columns I have made. But Tableau uses the subset of data for the successive dimensions, which would give me the wrong result.

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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Ivan,

          It is easier to do above 10.3, by Join Calculation between all your Requests on 1:1, What I did, I did Same Thing, But Created another Table with 2 Columns Request and Number and Joined with Your data 1:1. and Filtered by writing a Calc  and I think You Need this




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            Ivan Muccini

            Deepak Rai, thank you for the quick reply. I understand the solution you have provided. In this method, I will not be able to filter by other features, which is important for us. So I need to present an analysis where the filtering is possible.

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              Ivan Muccini

              This is to help others,

              I was able to find a solution that suited my needs. My database has a huge number of rows and columns. The above-proposed solution would duplicate all the other columns in the database. This would pose a problem for me because some of the columns are supposed to be unique values. Also, I had 3 more columns that had multiple values in each row. Either would have to create separate databases for each sheet to analyze each of the columns. Also added newer records would not be easy. So here is what I did:


              I created calculated fields for the columns that had multiple values for the row. 1 calculated field for every unique value. That way for Request I created 4 new columns- Request1, Request2, Request3, and Request4. Check for the substring and add 1 under the particular column if the value is present.

              Drag the Measure values to Rows. Remove the measures you do not need from the Measure Values card.

              By default, Measure Values had numbers with the decimal part. So I changed the format.

              Then drag and drop the Measure Names into columns. It should automatically show up under Filter and Marks cards.

              to improve the appearance I added color and the total number of the count on the sheet. Also added few other dimensions into the Filter card, which was a requirement for me.