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    Script dashboard tableau

    Gastón Oyarzún



      I'm trying publish a dashboard, but doesn't load script.. any ideas?



      Tableau Server 2018.1




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          Paulo Dantas

          Hello Gastón.


          Could you please give more information about the issue?



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            Ankit Patel

            Where is it getting hung? At the time of publishing from Desktop or after successfully published on the Web?

            Is this only happening to you or to this workbook?

            Can you try extracting and publishing a packaged workbook?
            If Server is running are all the components up as well?



            Can you restart your PC and if option available restart your Tab Server and try again?


            the list can go on and on --- try few of the above and let us know.

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              Gastón Oyarzún

              after successfully published on the web, I get the link to share (script) and I'm trying to do tests but doen't load.


              It happens with all workbooks available and the server is running correctly...


              Can it be something with the tableau server license type?


              I did the tests on tableau web and it's as easy as fishing the script and placing it on a web, but I do not understand if I have the option to share in tableau server it does not allow me to load it in web (nor does it load at the start of the tableau session)...



              Thank you for reading me!