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    Sort After Filtering - Can't Add to Context

    Aaron Winkel



      I'm using Tableau 10.5.2 and have a data set that I need to sort, then filter, then resort based on the filtered results and I'm not able to add the filter to context.  If I were doing this manually the steps I would follow are:


      1) sort on Loss Column (smallest to largest)

      2) EXCLUDE bottom 10% of Loss (we only want to include the locations within the top 90% of total Loss)

      3) Resort visible data on Loss % of Sales (smallest to largest)


      Ideally, we are trying to eliminate the bottom 10% of records by loss volume within each area and then resort to show the highest % of sales.


      I am unable to add the >90% filter to Context and I'm at a loss for how to proceed, any help would be greatly appreciated!