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    Tableau Server Gateways functionality


      Hi All,


      Please find the below scenarios and request you to provide your inputs


      1. I have 4 servers (1-Primary and 3- workers) with 8 cores each in workers and we didn't configure any licensed components in primary. So, its a 24 core license in total and in use.


      Primary- configured with gateway, search& browse, cc and cs are configured by default

      Workers- configured with all components


      Now, my question is, if any request comes from user, how the request is taken?


      Which gateway will take the request?


      Is it like, primary gateway takes the request and route it to workers. How Tableau will know which gateway should act and take the request?


      We haven't configured load balancer but configuring it in our environment will bring any change? How is it used and acted?



      2. If tableau customer facing url is mapped to primary IP. If primary is down for some reason, will that url is accessible as we have gateways in other workers?

      Can we map all the primary and workers IP address to point one url? is that possible or not?



      3.  Also, How can we switch the repository from one server to another server


      Eg: If worker1 is with active repository and worker 2 is with passive repository. How can I interchange/switch them from active- passive and vice versa based on the requirement. Is it possible or not?



      Thanks in advance

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          Jeff Strauss

          1. The gateway that is connected to is whatever URL that the users are accessing.  So if this URL is a user friendly DNS entry, then whatever the underlying IP is for this DNS is which gateway is pointed.


          2. No.  There is not automatic failover of gateways.  You have the choice of manually repointing the URL to point at one of the workers, or the better option is to deploy a load balancer that handles the incoming traffic and knows how to route the traffic to any of the available gateways.


          3. The repository typically will have automatic failover.  So if worker1 fails, then worker2 repository will become active.



          See H.A. for more info,  Distributed and High Availability Tableau Server Installations

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            Hi Jeff,


            Thanks for the responses.


            1. Regarding gateway- How the request is serviced? Suppose I have all components configured in 3 workers and Tableau server receives the request like login , opening the report and do a manual refresh. In this case, which gateway will take the request and components related to which worker will be used?


            2. Do we have any open source load balancers or anything which is best supported by Tableau?


            3. I want to do a manual switching of repository? Do we have any commands to fulfill this requirement?


            Also, is there any possibility of mapping group IP's (Primary + workers) to point one DNS entry so that even if gateway fails, the other gateways can take request.

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              Hi Jeff,


              Can you please provide me the info on above asked points. Thanks!!

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                Jeff Strauss

                1. The initial request is serviced by the gateway that the user friendly DNS points at.  Any internals between Tableau processes (i.e. vizql, dataserver, data engine) is handled by Tableau's internal apache load balancer and any of the gateways will be leveraged.

                2. I don't know of any open source load balancers.  We use nginx and netscaler.  Both work


                3. There is a tabadmin command to do a manual failover of the repository.  tabadmin commands



                Extra.  No, at least not to my knowledge.  What I understand from our team that works with DNS, is that each DNS is mapped to a singular IP.

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                  Thanks Jeff for clearing my queries. They were really helpful.