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    Presenting the Unfiltered Value while Filtering the Chart for Viz in Tooltip

    Mikhail Christiansen

      Hello everyone,


      I will do my best to explain this situation as clearly as possible. I have attached a Tableau workbook version 10.5 with a Superstore example that I will use in the explanation as well.


      I currently have a sheet that I built and would like to filter based off a selection on the source sheet.

      Here is the source sheet:

      *The source sheet is a listing of the most recent "market share" and the change between the last two quarters next to it (bar chart) by State and Sub-Category. There is a calculated field in place that only allows the Furniture sub categories to display.


      And the target sheet to show up in the tooltip:

      * The target sheet is the last three quarters market shares by state and subcategory, all categories and subcategories included.


      When I hover over a growth bar on the source sheet, I get a tooltip that looks like the following:

      * The problem is that it is showing 100% across the board because it has filtered out all other categories and subcategories. My desired result is to keep the value from the target sheet or rebuild the target sheet so that when the tooltip filter is applied, then it shows the last three quarter's market shares by state and subcategory. I have tried a million things, but feel stuck in the mud.


      So, the ideal result for the above tooltip would show Colorado, Bookcases, and the actual Q2, Q3, and Q4 percentages.


      Please help.