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    tooltip question


      Dear all,


      Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 7.04.47 PM.png


      I've insert a sheet in the tooltip.

      But I want it only shows relative KPIs. That is to say when I hover over 'Volume', it only shows Volume value with yesterday, last week and week before last, not with others.

      I don't want to separate into 3 sheets and insert independently.


      Is there a  way to achieve this?


      Thanks in advance


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          Mahfooj Khan



          For your information, you've used Measure Names and Measure Values which tableau generates based on your data fields. And on top of that you've applied some table calculation and edit the aliases of those fields to match the Measure Names but you might know you can not keep the same name for two fields. Even it seems same because you've space in your aliases of calculated Measures.


          Sad to say you cannot put Measure Names or Measure Values in viz in tool-tip filter condition. You can only filter dimensions. As per my understanding you need to change the structure of your source. You've to transpose your measures from columns to rows so that you can have all the measures in once single field. Hope you get my point. Let us know if this help.



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            Matt Lutton

            Agreed, pivoting would make this possible.


            Alternatively, you could filter the sheet down to one measure, duplicate it and do the same for the other two metrics... then, put the three sheets together on a dashboard (each sheet will only show the relevant tooltip info since they'd be separated out).


            Happy analyzing.

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              I change the structure of source by pivoting sales,orders and volume.

              And it works with values and some table calculations(percent of total etc..).

              But I want to use lookup function, it needs to create a new measure and as you said it can't keep same name for two fields.

              So do you have any other suggestions?

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                Peter Fakan

                When you can't have two fields with the same name, just add a space at the end of the second measure, it will look the same but be different enough that Tableau can treat it separately.