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    Pane/Table options in tableau


      Hello everyone, Need clarification on below options in tableau. By default, for one of my measure for single dimension value(For others the values are correct even my option is table across) i am getting wrong value when option is table(across) and when i change the option to pane across or pane down showing perfect values.





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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Koushik,


          Please read my blog here Addressing and Partition in TABLEAU


          Hope it helps !


          Ken's analysis as below as well....


          Think of some aggregate calculation, like, say Average, that you might want to display in a viz.  Well, do you want that average computed across the entire view in one lump? Average every year? Every month?  Those would be examples of partition. The partition tells Tableau when to start and stop the calculation (scope.)


          Addressing is about "direction."   If for example you have used the "Compute Using" dialog (say, to change from "Table Across" to "Table Down,") you were already specifying addressing.  This about which elements to include in a computation, and in what order. It's about "compute on the basis of what?"


          So, you could think of addressing being "what to compute" and partition being "where to start and stop computing."




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            Hello ritesh, Here in my case i have almost 100 states in a country field, 98 statesare showing correctly expect for 2 states even though the compute is table down? for 2 states to show exact figure i have changed it to pane down.Values have been changed for those 2 and showing correctly.