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    Date-Time field to Month.

    Ankit Patel

        Hey, I am new to Tableau, have a question. How to Convert these date and time field to Month Only?


      30.01.2018 08:59
      26.01.2018 07:04
      30.01.2018 08:55
      25.01.2018 02:54
      28.01.2018 16:11
      31.01.2018 01:40
      10.01.2018 05:21
      10.01.2018 11:11
      24.01.2018 04:34
      21.01.2018 02:06
      31.01.2018 12:19
      20.01.2018 12:13

      23.01.2018 11:07



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          Jim Dehner

          good morning

          this will return the month number

          the the month name




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            Mahfooj Khan



            There are several ways to get the month from a date field. Seeing the data it seems string values. You've to first convert these values to datetime then you can easily get the month name out of that.

            If your datetime field contains string values then below is my approach,


            Create a calculated field like this


            DATEPARSE("dd.MM.yyyy hh:ss",[Datetime]) //It will convert the string into date and time. "dd.MM.yyyy hh:ss" set the format as per your requirement.


            DATENAME('month',DATEPARSE("dd.MM.yyyy hh:ss",[Datetime])) //It will fetch the month name from that string


            Let us know if this help.



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