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    How to break down the count for creating Up/Down side bar??

    Dileep Reddy



      I created a stacked bar chart with count as measure. And converted that to upside and downside for temporary.


      In total I have 12 quick filters with in the sheet based on the selection the count is changing which is good. But where I have 1 quick filter as CHANGE, which has total 3 values. Those are

      1) up

      2) down

      3) na


      Now I need to create a sheet with upside and downside stacked bar on the same but "down" CHANGE value should displayed in the bottom or downside. For that do I need to create a new caluculated fields for down count and other 2 values count?


      But when I tried with if condition or Lod I'm getting errors.


      Please advise me.


      Really sorry can't share the data.